It is National Patient Safety Week! One of the most innovative and critical pieces of new technology to help assure MRI patients are safer is MagnetVisionTM. This application is a teaching tool to help the technologist and radiologist visualize the energies and fields used in the MR imaging process.  In that fashion, it helps them better understand the true risks associated with putting specific implants, in specific positions in specific patients, into specific MR scanners for specific exams, for diagnostic MR imaging studies.  The creator, Dr. Emanuel Kanal, demonstrated this product LIVE via Facebook two days ago during an MR Medical Director/Safety Officer training course held in Las Vegas. The response has been OVERWHELMING! Technologists and radiologists from all over the world are clamoring for this application to help them provide safer patient care!


Data was provided to Dr. Kanal by several major vendors including GE, Hitachi and Philips for specific MR hardware, which are modeled in the app. This means that if you utilize these specific MR scanners from these vendors, the app can visually calculate, model, display, and simulate the energies and fields in and around these MR scanners. The app can model the static magnetic field of the MR scanner, its magnetic spatial gradient dB/dx, the imaging gradients dB/dt, and the transmitted RF (B1) fields specific to each of the modeled scanners.  It can also create and model virtually any medical implant and/or foreign body, and the user can label each device with its own energy-specific safety thresholds (e.g., 1.5T, 720 g/cm) for each MRI energy noted above. Reports can be generated demonstrating the energies the implant would be expected to be exposed to, and would alert the user if any would be expected to exceed any published/defined safety threshold for each of the energies noted above.  With a single button push, the app generates a report that provides table, graph, 3D graphics, and text output of the fields/energies to which each implant might be expected to be exposed, and warnings if they approach or exceed published safety thresholds for those energies for each implant being modeled.  For sites so inclined, these reports can even be saved and exported as .pdf files for their site’s EMR to minimize research time on subsequent visits. These equipment manufacturers should be commended for having contributed their field data to this effort to improve patient safety!!


MagnetVisionTM  is changing how front line technologists and radiologists keep our patients safe. It does not replace well-trained, knowledgeable staff. It is a teaching tool for technologists and radiologists to enable them to provide safer, more efficient care. MagnetVisionTM  is not intended or designed to tell the technologists or the radiologists that it is safe – or not safe – to perform an MRI on a patient. It is not meant to make medical decisions at all. That is for the radiologist and ordering provider to determine. It is a tool to help the medical professionals make more informed decisions for safe MR practices. This is the future of Imaging safety— technology-assisted guidance— for technologists, radiologists, physicists, and vendors working together to assure our patients are being safely and efficiently imaged.


MagnetVisionTM  is currently only available for Apple iOS products. To ensure proper and appropriate utilization of the app, it is being provided free of charge to attendees of Dr. Kanal’s MRMD/MRSO MR Safety training courses. All attendees from the Boston course in 2017 going forward will receive this app to help them understand – and implement – improved patient safety practices.


Click here for a preview:  MagnetVision trailer


The next Live broadcast demonstration is Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 6:30pm to 8:00 PM EST on the MRI Safety Facebook page.


Below are some of the responses to seeing MagnetVisionTM demonstrated live on March 13, 2018.

“I would love to have this app to help me take better care of my patients!”

“I have 8 sites in my health system and to have this app with multi-site functionality would be amazing!”

“This app will take over the MR Safety world!”

“My techs and docs use this app as they preview the upcoming schedule of outpatients to facilitate smoother patient flow. Great time saver and our patient and staff satisfaction is improving!”

“Finally!! Something that makes it easier to provide safer patient care!”

“Truly Amazing!”

“WOW! Great job….and I want it!!”

“This app is a whole lot of amazing!”

“This is so crucial to patient care. Oh, my!!”


Best practice is only best practice until it isn’t. We now have a new tool in our patient care toolbox to help our radiologists make medical imaging decisions. Best practice is changing, dramatically. Are you on the forefront, the cutting edge, being innovative? Don’t you want to be?